Mooplehog is a journey. What started as a quirky gift shop frequently
gravitated towards a desire for creating a food outlet with a difference.

Okehampton has fabulous places to buy food but they are all someone else’s dream, I wanted mine.
I had a shop already and the belief that it is a good idea. Why not sell something I am passionate
about, something I feel dizzy even thinking about and ultimately; something with ethics I believe in?.


At Mooplehog you will find a delicious mixture of influences from places that I have been and loved. Food created by myself and others with stories.
I could just sell you a cash & carry falafel wrap. It wouldn’t have the history of being made by a man who grew up in his grandfather’s falafel shop
in Jerusalem with a dedication to traditional methods and flavours. Black tea with rose that reminds me of daydreaming on a boat off the coast of North Africa.

Verba Mate, the national drink of Argentina with a squeeze of organic lime. Chocolate tarts made by a lady who adores mixing traditional flavours with a
modern twist unique to her. I could go on. I hope that your memories of Mooplehog are as wonderful as the memories that inspire the food.


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Supporting local farmers and small producers is paramount to the business. I roast my own coffee and can tell you the altitude it was grown at, the farm
and their vision for better coffee farming. If you like what you drink, you can take some home, same with the teas.

Mooplehog food and drink is made to make you smile. You can choose from a range that promises no artificial sweeteners but instead uses cane sugar,
panela, agave nectar or maple syrup. Check out the raw foods on offer, cashew cheesecake and high protein snacks. Many of our foods are both vegan
and gluten free. Expect beautiful colours, fantastic flavours and simple but effective presentation.

Up to date information on menus, special offers and themed events can be found on social media or by calling 07806 770926.




07806 770926